Parliamentary Finance reveal the lack of a quota for Kurdistan budget 2016: deficit of 25%

He favored the parliamentary finance committee member Massoud Rostam, Saturday, not to allocate a portion of the Kurdistan region in the federal budget for the next financial year 2016. He said Rustam's / scales News / "The budget bill is still in the corridors of the Council of Ministers has not been officially discussed to reach a final formulation," noting that "the government's commitment to the law of financial management and send the federal budget for 2016 project on the tenth of next month." Added member of the Finance parliamentary representative that "the Kurdistan region's share in the budget has not been resolved so far, considering that the region has exported oil in the previous period independently of Baghdad," pointing out that "the region is suffering from a major financial crisis as a result of loans owed by the provincial government to companies where the $ 20 billion. "
Said Rustam that "the government has to play a big austerity measures so that the 2016 budget close to the 70 to 75 billion dollars and should not exceed 75 billion dollars," adding that "in the light of this will be the budget deficit of 20 to 25% and this acceptable ratio ". The "parliamentary economics committee member Mohammed Abbas stressed that next year's budget in 2016 will take into account the military things needed by Iraq in its war against the terrorist organization Daash requirements," noting that "the political and security situation the country is experiencing will affect the shape." It is said that "the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider said discussion of the draft General Budget Law for the year 2016 in the Council of Ministers next week," noting that "the project must be sent to the House of Representatives before the tenth of next month," .