Communications signed a contract with a local company to introduce modern technique

BAGHDAD / ... signed a general peace Company, one of the Ministry of telecommunications companies, Saturday, whatever the sky with the company for telecommunications services and the Internet, Ltd., one of Iraq's major companies involved in the field of information technology and advanced communications technologies strategically contract. According to a statement of the ministry received "eye Iraq News," a copy of "public peace Company signed a contract with the sky, a company in the field of information technology advanced communications technologies," adding that "the contract was signed by Director General of Salam Ali al-Bayati, on the one hand and the Deputy Executive Director of the sky, Telecom Engineer Firas measured from the other effort. "
He noted that "the contract contains many items serve the reality of Communications and Information Technology and Okhozn and transmission of data and these items are joint implementation of technical projects concerned with advanced information technology for the benefit of the public sector and the private sector as well as the support staff of the General Salam technically to develop the scientific skills in the management and implementation of major projects and support all state institutions in the preparation and evaluation of technical studies for projects based on the technical security of the Iraqi young energies as well as the introduction of new technologies through the sky, the telecommunications company, which owns global partners in the field of telecommunications and informatics. "

He explained that "this decade came complement the Government's program, which aims to unite and collaboration of the public sector with the private sector to develop the economy and activating the production capacities of the Iraqi cadres to achieve the ends and the advancement of practical and professional reality of the cadres of the public peace firm and give them civil scientific and technical enough to implementation, operation and project management for government institutions and make it a source Sentiment among the beneficiaries of the adoption by the Iraqi Astosmartaqat promising. "

On the other hand he said Director General Salam Ali al-Bayati said, "This contract will develop a lot of potential employees of the peace company by working on advanced equipment in place globally at the present time as well as give the biggest space in front of our company in the development of usability after fielded approved company Sky Telecom in current and future projects. "

Meanwhile The Deputy Executive Director of the sky, Telecom Engineer Firas Qais great optimism in the signing of a contract with the General Peace company after the sky Telecom has worked since 2009 with the General Company for Post & Telecommunications and met with resounding success and expressed warmed up the sky for a telecommunications company, and those who made it to work with the Ministry of Communications and its affiliates in any future project to serve Iraq and the Iraqi citizen .anthy