Jubouri from Tehran: We can not cope with the economic crisis without the help of countries in the region

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, Saturday, that the Iraqi government can not cope with the economic crisis without the help of countries in the region, as pointed out that the talks with Iranian officials taking place on a clear and common ground between the parties.

The news agency quoted the Iranian official, "Erna" for al-Jubouri said a statement made ​​to the press, said that "Iraq is also facing an economic crisis and the government can be faced only with the help countries in the region," noting that he discussed "the issue with Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani."

He added that he exchanged with his Iranian counterpart, "views on many issues, and was of the most important efforts to Larijani to host a meeting of Iraq to the parliaments of the Islamic countries, and we hope the successful holding of this meeting, in light of efforts Friends."

He pointed out that "the strength of relations between Iran and Iraq and subordination and mutual nature of relations between decision-makers in the two countries make us move in that direction," pointing out that "during the past year were exchanged 200 visit between officials of both countries, the two countries signed several agreements in the areas of security and economic ".

It is noteworthy that al-Jubouri, arrived on Friday (11 September 2015), to the Iranian capital Tehran on an official visit.