Kurdistan announces the arrival of oil confiscated barrier to 700 thousand barrels per day

Twilight News / announced Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government, drastically, Saturday, that the rate of oil exports through the pipeline Kurdish to Turkish port of Ceyhan reached 700 000 barrels per day, adding that the increase that occurred in the export rates were Batenseeq with the Iraqi government.

Hawrami said in an interview with the satellite belonging to the MDC KNN, and I followed Twilight News, that the Kurdistan oil export rate reached 700 000 barrels per day, explaining that the previous rate was ranging between 600 to 650 000 barrels per day.

Hawrami said that the increase in export rates has in coordination with the Ministry of Oil in the federal government.

The Erbil and Baghdad have agreed last year to be the first to export an average of 550 000 barrels of oil through the pipeline Turkish Kurdish to calculate the Iraqi national oil marketing company SOMO 300 000 barrels of which from the Kirkuk oil fields and the rest of Kurdistan fields in return for Baghdad to send the region's share of the budget Iraqi public amounting to 17 percent of the total, but the two sides often accuse each other not to Alaltazambbnod agreement, which was incorporated into the general Iraqi budget law for the current year.