Parliamentary citizen warns: National Guard will lead for "armed rebellion" on the central state

Special - scales News -
MP for the citizen Bloc Habib Terminal on Saturday, that the adoption of the National Guard Act will pay the troops Almndomah under the banner of all the provinces to "armed rebellion" on the central state through the division of Iraq, noting that the law could lead to the "Tstqhob" a particular on the state.

He said the terminal's / scales News / "The National Guard Law which some paragraphs represent a threat to the unity of the country", stressing that "it is possible that the leadership of the National Guard," local ", especially as the be all countries in the world where security" central "and not the right of the regions and provinces to have a central view of national security of the state."

The MP for the citizen Bloc that "objection to the law is in the leadership, which is supposed to be clear and that are linked to the general leadership of the armed forces and armament, and equipment must be" central ", adding that" to make the strength of the National Guard in each province may lead to "armed rebellion" against the central state."

The "head of the security and defense committee in Parliament of quitting confirmed earlier that the position of the National Alliance of National Guard law will prevent passed on Tuesday only after ensuring pushing the popular crowd in this law," pointing out that groups linked to al-Daash terrorist and who call themselves b "Tribal rebels" are waiting for approval of the law in its current form to join the ranks of the National Guard after its formation."

It is said that "the Legal Committee member of the parliamentary smile Hilali confirmed that the National Guard in which the law of many risks and could lead to the partition of Iraq," while "likely reject the law by most of the parliamentary blocs in full or converted, and deported to the next sessions," .anthy 29 quarters e