Iraq conclude agreements with states to recover his money looted: the ball in the court of the courts

Special - scales News - He said committee member of the Parliamentary Integrity Ardalan Noureddine, Saturday, that Iraq will hold bilateral agreements with some Arab and regional countries on whose territory lie looted from the treasury of the Iraqi government to retrieve the money.

He said Noureddine's / scales News / "Government Integrity Commission in coordination with the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary working with the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to establish bilateral agreements with some countries that are doubts out that the money for Iraq situated therein to be retrieved," noting that "some countries have responded to the government's request and reinstated money looted from the Iraqi treasury that were present in its territory."

He said the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member that "the recovery of the money needed to evidence and the decision of the Iraqi courts are then recover the money through bilateral agreements," explaining that "the courts, whether criminal or civil issued decisions recovering looted funds with male places and presence to the Integrity Commission thereafter retrieved through bilateral agreements."

It is said that "the Integrity Commission announced that it has reclaimed 14 billion dinars to the state treasury banks seized by civil customers by manipulating electronic set-off".
The Parliamentary Integrity Commission revealed, earlier, the lack of cooperation of some Arab countries with Iraq in order to recover the looted his client in those banks At.anthy 29/28