Mr. al-Sistani: the kidnapping of Turkish workers in Baghdad is immoral

Najaf scales News - Considered the supreme religious authority, Mr. Ali al-Sistani's office on Saturday, the kidnapping of Turkish workers from one of the sites in Baghdad is immoral and otherwise legitimate and legal controls, a convicted and deprecated Jadda..itba ..

An official source in the office said in a statement, "published in the media that the armed group claims to follow the Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and belonging to his approach had kidnapped a number of foreign workers and took them hostage to implement certain political demands."

The source added, "While we affirm that exposure innocent to those who have no role in the events of the region and the tragedies is immoral and otherwise legitimate and legal controls, a convicted very deprecated, we demand the release of the abductees and to desist from such practices which harm the image of Islam and the doctrine of the House peace be upon them, and bring down the prestige of the state and weaken the elected government."

The source urged the Iraqi government and political forces to "support the security forces and the work they can to put an end to all outlaw which disturb security and stability in the country practices."

This announced unidentified armed group calling itself the (death squads), claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of 18 Turkish workers in Baghdad last week, according to a video posted on YouTube shows the workers, and included a list of demands.

And carrying a tape entitled "declares death squads responsibility for the hostage-taking" who looked squatting and has all of them are by definition about himself, and behind them five armed men dressed in black, covered their faces and their eyes, in front of a blue banner that read "Beck O Hussein" and "death squads".

The tape shows of Turkish workers say they are captives, and who looked tired but without the effects of the phenomenon of rebuke. The definition of each of the abducted himself.
He wrote down a tape amounting to about three minutes "as a result of the play and the Turkish government of outrageous criminal acts we announce the detention of a group of Turks until the implementation of our demands."

And included a list of demands presented written at the end of the tape, and the kidnappers went out to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the most prominent of the "Stop the flow of militants from Turkey to Iraq."

Erdogan also called on the kidnappers to "direct command to Mlishtm (Conquest Army) to lift the siege on the virulence and Kefraya and nobility and Zahra and allow access needs of those municipalities as a first step in this file."

The towns mentioned are predominantly Shiite located in the north of Syria, and the "army of conquest" composed of several factions, including the militant front of the al-Qaida victory, since Ochehradh besiege us.

The kidnappers warned that in the absence of Turkey in response to the demands of the "crush Turkish interests and their agents in Iraq's most violent means," .anthy 29 / d 25