LG 4 security feed the British concluded a contract with Iraq worth $ 187 million

Fri Sep 11 2015 13:47 | (Voice of Iraq) - London AG 4S Britain said it won a contract worth $ 187 million to provide security services to one of the gas companies in Iraq while renewed a contract to provide protection for the British government in Afghanistan. G4S reported the largest a set of security services in the world if the amount of a three-year contract with the Basra Gas Company in Iraq, the agreement includes an option to extend two years, noting that the use of this option will raise the value of the contract to $ 270 million. In Afghanistan, Ji said 4S it will continue to provide security services for diplomats and officials at the Foreign Ministry British and Commonwealth Affairs during the next three years in an extension of a contract worth 100 million pounds (154.49 million dollars) .anthy

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