28 coalition waging a strike against Daash in Syria and Iraq

Fri Sep 11 2015 13:34 | (Voice of Iraq) - Roudao - Arbil, the US military said it had launched 18 strike against Daash in Iraq since Wednesday and ten other strikes in Syria. According to a US military statement that "air strikes in Iraq was near Tuz, Sinjar , Mosul, Ramadi and other sites targeted tactical units and locations of combat and destroyed vehicles and buildings and two machine guns Khveven for terrorists. "The statement noted that" the bombing in Syria focused on the surrounding Hasakah launched a coalition of three strikes aircraft and tactical units to Daash the area and destroyed three fighting positions and two motorcycles and a building. "He continued The statement that "the raid near the squint and the other near Palmyra Tesfra not decisive for the outcome."

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