Parties Law prohibits the armed factions and keep more power

Sep 11 2015
Fri 06:47 | (Voice of Iraq) - Ibrahim Saleh prohibits political parties law passed by the Iraqi parliament on 27 August 2015 to own military wing party or any armed formation or link with any sort of armed factions, which is hard to achieve. require Article VIII of Chapter III of the law on political parties, a chapter on the provisions of the foundation should not be the founding of the party or political organization and his work taking the form of military organizations or paramilitary also not allowed to engage in any armed force, and according to the publication on the official website of law the Iraqi Council of Representatives. On the basis of this article and other stipulated by the articles of the law become Iraq's armed factions, of which there are more than (42) in front of one option is to disband and disarm. conditions experienced by Iraq, which is to fight al Daash make it difficult to resolve these factions which form the spearhead in more than one front against the organization, it represents the top in the popular crowd forces associated with a formal Iraqi government figure by the board of the same name, and therefore the presence of these factions become an urgent necessity need to be a legal cover not necessarily have to be available in the Political Parties Act who opposes the existence solo into law. Despite the failure of the House of Representatives in the legislation of the National Guard law for the existence of deep differences between the political blocs on the clauses, but this law would probably be legal shelter to armed groups operating in Iraq today and that most of them tied to parties in the political process, or maybe it will be there substitute the name of another law to resolve the matter. The official Valgueta provided by factions of the popular crowd correlation government still faces a lot of criticism of the fact that these factions did not become even today government forces are subject to the ministries of defense and interior. "These factions or advertised at least tied to the government and commander of the armed forces As Iraq locked in a state of war and the future term must be integrated within the Iraqi forces, "said Sami al-Askari member of the House of Representatives. He adds military" There is a view within the Council to issue the Law of the People for the crowd allows for the survival of these forces and its relation to the government to become part of the system and unrelated parties that created in the first place. "keep the issue out of these factions of the arms of the parties created to Thrown into the arms of the Iraqi government replaced a question many observers who see in so that is aspects unconvincing, since many of the elements of these factions are primarily active members in their parties to which they belong These as well as many of these factions formed on the basis of it is a political party in the past period and entered the national and local elections spade factions. Amir al-Waeli says a former officer, "Is it possible that a political party has a five thousand fighters, for example, will leave these fighters to be affiliated with the devices security and prevents the state from inclusion in the ranks? This loss of the party will not accept the one. "He adds Waeli that" the law added a new node which prevent security personnel from belonging to any political party and that it would be extremely dangerous, because the loyalty of the enrollee will be for his party in the case was not convinced the military to his work within the security forces government. "Waeli does not believe in and other many that it is possible to separate the military wings of the parties about the fact that the nature of the origins and the circumstances in which Tasrha imposed on them to be a entity of a military nature before they are political entities. On the other hand some argue that the law separating the political parties girth existing, what keeps fears of circumventing the present and strongly. Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf, a former director of the operating room at the Iraqi Interior Ministry believes that the law will be allowed only to the parties in the political process today to stay and practice of party work, and alludes to the possibility of wrapping these parties on the law, especially In regard to the issue of the armed factions. He says behind that "the law would marginalize a large segment of the Iraqis, who are former Baath Party members as well as all other of its provisions, especially those relating to financing and factions of the armed possible to circumvent them understand adept at it." Contrary to what the law looks the armed factions currently operating in Iraq destined to become stronger and more organized than ever before waiting for new legislation may be more appropriate for the nature of the Iraqi military parties by virtue of the current circumstances.

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