Kurdistan Parliament calls for Turkey to compensate the victims of the air raids on the region

Fri Sep 11 2015
03:48 | (Voice of Iraq) - and Odao - Erbil student province of Kurdistan Parliament Turkish authorities to compensate the victims of the air raids by fighter jets on the regions of the province of Kurdistan. This came during a meeting of the Committee on Interior and Security, and local councils in the Kurdistan Parliament, in the presence of Department of Foreign Relations in the province of Kurdistan official, with the Turkish Consul in Erbil. The parliamentarian is able Rzquie, network Roudao media, "informed us of the Turkish Consul details of the damage and loss of air strikes, Turkish aircraft on the province of Kurdistan areas, documented data and statistics during the meeting, which left material and human losses great. "He is capable," We have informed the Turkish Consul clearly that the Kurdistan Region suffered heavy losses in Turkey PKK war, and demanded to stop it as soon as possible, and that is to resolve the issue through dialogue away from the fighting. "He said the parliamentary," we asked directly, from Turkey to compensate material and moral to the families of the victims, especially victims of Zarkli village, and Fortuna, which has fallen victim to these raids, a large number of civilians, and wounded several others were injured, as well as disabled service projects and burn large areas of agricultural land, leaving the locals to their villages and their work and their displacement to safer areas. " Turkish fighter jets launched air strikes on the village of Zarkli to spend rawandiz province of Irbil, killing and wounding a large number of civilians and fighters of the Kurdistan Workers' Party.

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