Nouri: America is pressing to pass a law of the National Guard in order to divide the country

Fri Sep 11 2015
01:02 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad, said Karim al-Nuri body of opinion the popular crowd member and media adviser secretary general of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri, said Western countries, led by the United States began to intervene blatant way to put pressure on the Iraqi government to pass Guard Law National in its current form, which he described Palmlgomh in an effort to achieve US Vice President Joe Biden plans to divide Iraq into regions Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish. He noted that in his statement to Washington's fears of growing popular crowd force, which has become higher than the power of the Lebanese Hezbollah, especially after the collapse of the organization Daash front blows forces security and the heroes of the crowd. He Nouri that the real concerns of the United States from the popular crowd lies in its commitment to ensure Israel's security, considering that the experience of the popular crowd if reproduced by Arab and Islamic peoples yearning for freedom to form a threat to Tel Aviv and Washington, particularly as it Unlike the American bets that the judiciary on Daash in Iraq requires several years has proved popular crowd need only to days and hours to eliminate "terrorists" in the event of available conditions and requirements victory. He added that among the pressures exerted by the United States on the Iraqi government is either its attempts to prevent the achievement of the security forces and the crowd People's championships against al Daash or across distort the truth and announced to participate in the fight "terrorists" to get the reputation victories against them without the active participation in the fight. He Nouri Bader bloc rejected as dictated by the United States on the Iraqi government as Washington is not keen on the interests of Iraq, as well as being want within agendas confuse the security situation and the complexity of the military situation in the country, he said. He was surprised Nouri listen Iraqi government to Alamarkih guidance and leave them to the children of the popular crowd aside, while the intentions of America, which includes negotiations with al Daash leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after arriving in the capital Baghdad and entered the Green Zone But the sons of the popular crowd were able to prevent the plot occurs, pointing out that America seriousness did not have the truth on the Elimination of Daash and Aladghae it could lead to a repeat setback gray and disaster Mosul again, pointing out that all the victories achieved by the security forces and the popular crowd in several areas of the Daash against the country was not to America but to do the role of the jamming operations service "for terrorists."

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