Took to the streets Friday as a whole ... the Iraqis of squares: We want reforms

Friday a whole influx of tens of thousands of Iraqis into the squares in most areas of Iraq.

From week to week prove their faith in the power of citizens that change is coming, so with determination and thousands flocked to the street again.

In Baghdad, tens of thousands gathered in Tahrir Square, carrying banners demanding the implementation of reforms and improve the services and the prosecution of corrupt, as protesters called for reform of the judiciary and speed up the achievement of their demands.

From Baghdad to Al-Muthanna, Valdiwanah, Najaf, Karbala and down to Basra, voices rose protesters to demand reforms and to hold accountable corrupt.

Vhacod Muthanna demanding reforms and the expulsion of corrupt government, also called for disclosure on the funds that have been made ​​to the province since 2013.

The protesters Diwaniyah Vnddoa corrupt officials and demanded Bacalthm and hold them accountable.

In Basra, also in the field of freedom in Babylon, the demonstrators called for the provision of services and the expulsion of corrupt officials, and in Basra, also appeared to intimidate and scare campaigns affected civilian activists, site "Qurtas News" and learned that the unidentified gunmen they make to throw a stun grenade towards a organizers of the demonstrations in the province.

In Najaf and in Karbala, thousands gathered in the squares to demand the reform of institutions to expel corrupt

In Diyala, protesters demanded the resignation of Baladrooz District Commissioner Mohamed known and repair corrupt institutions providing services.

Pure protesters called for the selection of a new mayor away from quotas, stressing the need to have a Mentvdan role in his choice.
The demonstrators condemned the Doha conference, describing him as a "conference of demons."

For its part, pure Qaimmqamah administration has decided to form a committee of leaders of the demonstrations to follow up the files of corruption in the judiciary