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Washington reveal a latent energy of the gas and the Kurdistan likely to be a major source for the processing of Europe

Revealed the Special Envoy of the US Foreign Affairs International Energy Amos Houshstn, on Friday, the existence of potentials for natural gas resources in the province of Kurdistan region, and while pointing to the possibility of utilization of the processing of European countries and the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, he noted that Washington is trying to between Baghdad and Erbil coordination on the sharing of oil and gas revenues.

The US envoy Houshstn, in an interview to one of news agencies and foreign, and I followed (range Press), that "there are signs of hope existence of potential energy of natural gas resources in the province of Kurdistan region can develop long-term, which will help provide economic security, which extends from Iraq to the east of the Mediterranean countries.

Houshstn and asked, "Why not be the source of the Kurdistan region of Europe for the processing of large quantities of gas via Turkey, especially now that there are huge quantities of natural gas enjoyed by the Kurdistan region material."

He noted US envoy for energy affairs, that "Washington is now attempts to coordinate between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the issue of the sharing of oil revenues", adding that "the progress of the negotiations on that subject is still moving slowly."

The European Union is seeking to diversify its sources of gas outfitted with textured, where he now depends on Russia to secure a third of its needs of gas, and that half of this amount is shipped via Ukraine, which is witnessing a civil war there.