People crowd refusing National Guard: There is a US conspiracy to pass

Baghdad scales News - He said the official spokesman of the Popular Authority crowd MP Ahmad al-Asadi, Friday, consensus factions and forces that fall under the leadership of the popular crowd on the refusal of the National Guard Besbgth current law, noting that there are malicious US plot to divide Iraq and the fragmentation of its components and the weakening strength.

Asadi said in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, that "the passing of the National Guard law in its current form is aimed at weakening the popular crowd forces that determine the sacred call the advisory opinion of the Supreme religious authority to defend our land and our holy places and the liberalization of the raped them by criminal gangs and atonement" Daash ".

Asadi revealed "the existence of an American plot to divide Iraq malicious segmentation and its components were weakening of legislation through the National Guard, as the current law and the payment of some lawmakers to pass," stressing "the categorical rejection of the project of the National Guard as the current law."

And between al-Asadi, said that "the current law formula does not accommodate a fair and comprehensively all the popular forces of the various components of Iraqi society, which stood up to" Daash "and made martyrs in the fronts of the holy fighting, but equated between them and fled defeated to defend the land of Iraq yard and under false pretenses that It was not cunning conspiracy or blatant labor with the enemy Aldaasha international backers."

He said "This is the current version free of any strategic dimension solid and look forward seriousness of the threats facing our country now and in the future, as is well known that the threat of terrorism takfirist forms and different Msmyate and most recently" Daash "It sure is not Okherha, we do not know why hide us the forces of evil and arrogance Global names of new terrorist organizations to use in order to achieve political, economic and security ".anthy / 29 goals / d 24