Abadi confirms agreement with the presidency of the parliament two days ago to postpone the "visit" of the Council

2015/09/10 22:37

Long-Presse / Baghdad
The head of the Council of Ministers, Haider al-Abadi, on Thursday, he agreed with the Presidency of the Parliament to postpone the "visit" to the Council two days ago, denying what has been traded on arriving there before returning to insert.

He said the Information Office of the Prime Minister, in a statement, I followed the (long-Presse), "The Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, for his visit to the House of Representatives, two days after his presence before, in agreement with the Presidency," stressing "the invalidity of what some are borne by the arrival of the House of Representatives today. "

Some of the local media, reported that al-Abadi, decided not to attend the parliament session, despite the arrival of his motorcade to the nearby council building, after receiving a phone call, did not specify the source, had told him a number of deputies structure exciting corrupted files reach of when he was minister of communications in the government of Iyad Allawi.

The MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), earlier this afternoon, that Abadi "apologized" for the presence of Parliament scheduled to host the headquarters of the work session "to order an emergency", while between the head Government, it was agreed with the presidency of parliament to attend next week, counting that Abadi "keen to communicate with the parliament and cooperate with him to ensure the success of the reform movement."

The Parliament was held on Thursday, its 20th of the first legislative term of the second legislative year, headed by its President Saleem al-Jubouri, and the presence of 220 deputies, included the agenda for the meeting host, Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, and discuss the first and second reading, the three bills.