Disclosure of the biggest industrial project in Iraq to eliminate unemployment

Revealed the governor of Diwaniyah Ammar civil, Wednesday, closely the implementation of the investment project industrial city, which is the largest industrial cities in the country and has a coefficient of multiple plants, including the plant for iron on an area of 1000 acres, as called for global investment firms to benefit from the raised in the various investment opportunities sectors, said the provision of adequate facilities for companies and capital. He said civil in a statement carried by the "morning" that his administration "has given priority to stimulate investment since the beginning of the received work assignments, for being the best solution in various service and economic problems permanently, and that the catalyst is important to move the administrative, cultural and artistic experiences and reduce unemployment," he said, adding "the local government the development of a solid investment plan in the forefront of providing opportunities in the commercial and housing projects and permanent production ".

He added that "several factors helped to attract Arab and foreign investment companies, including the geographical location of the bureaucracy and its proximity to the highway and stability of the security and availability of land space adequate for the implementation of giant investment projects, as well as the desire of local government hard in cooperation with the capital through the provision of adequate facilities for the implementation of projects a variety of investment. "

The Governor emphasized that the recently his administration to "the formation of a Higher Council for Investment under his chairmanship and membership of all departments concerned with investment managers, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Contractors managers and three members Daimyin representing Iraqi and foreign investors", noting that "The Council will draw investment map of the province through bimonthly meetings be held in the province. "

Civil and between, that "some of the existing investors in other provinces have moved to work in Diwaniya and there Investors contracted second on the investment projects of the time, which is testimony to the stability of the steps pursued by the administration of the province," noting that "there are investment projects giant implemented in Diwaniya and other under achievement, of which Diwaniyah commercial airport, which covers an area of 7,000 acres and Industrial Zone with an area of 10 million square meters, as well as integrators appointed Diwaniya and Mount residential factor, and project Dreamland entertainment and other projects in different sectors. "

He revealed civil about "near the implementation of the largest industrial city in the country has a number of factories and plants, stressing the allocation of the land area of 10 million square meters for its establishment," explaining that "the city that hoped to share in invested three local companies and Chinese, including a laboratory for Iron, In addition to 500 houses for the accommodation of workers on an area of thousand acres, as well as other industrial projects enable the unemployed to find an opportunity to work and promote the economic aspect of the province and the country in general. "