A source reveals the real reason to leave the parliament building Abadi

20:05 09/10/2015

He said early on Thursday, a political source, that the Prime Minister did not enter the House of Representatives because Saleem al-Jubouri did not come out of his office to meet him.

The source said that "there was a highly coordinated to attend the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to attend the parliament session to explain the government reforms, but the lack of an official reception for the Prime Minister by the President of the Parliament was the reason to leave the parliament building Abadi."

The source added that "the presence of al-Abadi to Parliament's performance was politically well but was Jubouri deal away from disagreements Doha visit and claims his dismissal," noting that "the deputies were planning to put up a vote on the dismissal of al-Jubouri, the presence of al-Abadi and commissioning Hamoudi interim president until the election of the new president." .

The sources said that al-Abadi had returned after his arrival in parliament to work landing.