Parliamentary Security: National Guard law has not been passed despite the re-drafted and re-vote

Expressed the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary member Hakhuan Abdullah, surprised not to pass the National Guard Law during today's session in spite of good drafting and preparing it for a vote. Abdullah explained that there are two points Khlavian about the law as Congress coalition forces wanted to be the formation of the National Guard is one of the sons of the provinces Marjaheen the cause of the fall of a number of provinces, however Daash terrorist to the lack of forces from the province to protect it. He pointed out that the National Alliance also wanted to be the formation of the National Guard of all the provinces, but not limited to a particular province to be considered will be the nucleus of the division of Iraq and cause internal conflicts lead to the establishment of states and regions in the country. Abdullah pointed out that the other point of contention is the ratio of the formation of the elements of the National Guard, which was agreed upon by the members of the Commission on Security and Defense, a ratio of 0.05 for each province which all 200 people or a citizen of the province is the adaptation of one component of the National Guard and is by population density, adding that encountered objection deputies of the National Alliance on the grounds that the ratio will be very few compared to the provinces of South and that their children belong to the popular crowd and this point will reduce the percentage of the popular crowd and join the ranks of the National Guard.