Iran: Amendment gas export deal with Iraq to increase it to 35 million cubic meters per day

Official in the state gas company in Iran, announced his country's intention amendment exported gas to Iraq agreement in order to increase the quantities agreed between the two countries and submit them to 35 million cubic meters per day. Director of international affairs in Azizullah Ramadan "will join the agreement complementary contract main raise gas exports Iran to Iraq," he said that he "was Iran intends to issue about 25 million cubic meters of gas to Iraq but today raise this volume to 35 million cubic meters a day. "He noted that" Stanttaleg the export of Iranian gas to Iraq soon, as in the interest of both countries, "pointing to" conduct negotiations with the Iraqi side on the training of workers in the financial sectors and operational and technical. "The Iraqi delegation had visited Iran last month to prepare Convention on the gas export between the two countries.
The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity has signed on 22 July 2013 an important contract is the first of its kind with the Iranian Oil Ministry for processing natural gas, the amount of 25 million cubic meters per day for a period of four years, subject to renewal, and at world market prices.
and delayed supply Iran's gas to Iraq because of security problems in areas where the pipeline passes through the province of Diyala to feed three power stations in Baghdad and Diyala, but two years after the export process has not started yet.
It provides Iranian gas under the agreement Baghdad quantity of export of 4 million cubic meters per day and will increase to 35 million cubic meters per day, while providing Basra export 5 million cubic meters per day, a year after the signing of the contract [in 2016] and will increase to 30 million cubic meters per day.