The Inspector General's office in the Iraqi media network recovers 36 billion dinars in the past five years

September 10, 2015

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Inspector General's office in the Iraqi Media Network confirmed recoverable amount of 36 billion dinars, as well as other materials worth million dollars, during the past five years.

The operating budget for the Office of the Inspector General in the network during the same period amounted to approximately 6 billion dinars.

He said the Inspector General of network media agency Ayad Falih's (IMN) "The recovery of these funds came directly, and as a result of the recommendations of the Office and acts of pre-emptive censorship carried out by the Inspector General's Office in the network."

Falih said that "what he made the office of investigative work and inspection, as well as audit, control and Calendar, with fruitful results came across contribute to reveal the many cases of corruption, after which the accused were referred to the judiciary to receive their just punishment."

He explained that "the number of cases referred to the Integrity Commission amounted to 29 cases, while the number of referred to the courts in these cases totaled 103 accused."

The Inspector General's office in the Iraqi media network put in earlier, plan to address the negative phenomena in the network for the past years.