Hilali's (et): reforms to restore the budget 102,000,000,000,000

By Mohammed Emad

10/09/2015 11:59

Brother Sam and Mullah
MP for the coalition of state law Hilali smile that "expose the government reform package to bring the budget 102 trillion Iraqi dinars, during a limited period, stressing that reforms will boost the country's economy and rehabilitate institutions."

She said Hilali said in a statement singled out by the reporter for News Agency (et) that "reducing the salaries of officials of the three presidencies, ministers, MPs and special grades back to budget huge amounts of money, certain re more than 102 trillion Iraqi by reducing salaries and protections and provisions This is a positive for the economy."

She noted that the reforms gesture of good, and if implemented would convey a quantum leap Iraq, stressing the need to fight against the corrupt in all sectors and bring the amounts stolen from public funds. "