Parliamentary economy's (et): Launch of loans giant step to eradicate poverty and unemployment

By Mohammed Emad

10/09/2015 01:15

Brother Sam and Mullah
I went back a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib "step launch loans by the government to finance agricultural and industrial projects and housing," the giant step to eradicate poverty and unemployment. "

She said Najib in a statement singled out by the reporter for News Agency (et) that "the launch of loans by the central bank to finance small, medium and large enterprises in the field of agriculture, industry, housing is a giant step for the elimination of part of the poverty and unemployment in the whole of Iraq," indicating that "this initiative will support the Iraqi budget of the local product the agricultural and industrial sectors which will provide job opportunities for the citizens in the form of projects through financial grants for the provision. "

She explained that "The country is in dire need for such projects, a sign that the central bank was suffering from the presence of mind legal constrained by the lack of funds for loans, now and through the banks support for this initiative has been able to provide two billion dollars for industrial projects and two billion dollars for agricultural projects and one billion dollars for reconstruction projects and housing ".

The Central Bank of Iraq announced the start of the largest finance lending programs in Iraq firing process, indicating that it belong to finance industrial and agricultural sectors and housing, also supports small and medium enterprises and revitalizing the Iraqi economy.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi agreed to launch the mechanics of granting industrial and agricultural loan and housing at the center of economic reform, noting that based on the first package of reforms presented in the focus of economic reform to stimulate the economy in the country and run the unemployed.