Integrity issues court declares recover 36 billion dinars from 21 banks waged

Author: BS, HA, TG
Editor: BS, HA

2015/09/10 14:17

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Relevant issues of integrity and economic crime, money laundering, the court announced on Thursday, to recover 36 billion dinars from 21 banks waged, but pointed out that these amounts represent 90% of the Zmtha to the Central Bank, as pointed out moving the complaints against it.

He misdemeanors judge in court Radi Fartusi, during a press conference at the headquarters of the Court and attended (range Press), "The Court recently recovered 36 billion dinars from private banks to the Central Bank", noting that "these amounts recovered from the 21 regional banks represent 90% of what edema in these banks to the Central Bank of The delay added by the benefits. "

Fartusi He added that "private banks began to repay after the move was a result of complaints and follow-up to eliminate them," stressing "the issuance of the provisions of the right of commissioners and members of the Governing Council of the domestic banks managers."

Fartusi He pointed out that "Despite the cessation of the legal representative of the central bank to move the complaint as a result pay back the money, but the Court continues to consider the case once agitated," pointing out that "there are other issues in the special issues pertaining to private banks court of inquiry."