Director General of the registration of companies for dinars: registration of more than 60 000 national companies and 2,000 foreign companies

BAGHDAD / /..khevc Jassim al-Tai
, Director General of the Ministry of registration of trade companies Ferial Akram Abdullah for the registration of more than 60 000 national companies and 2,000 foreign companies during the ten years Almadih.fima explained that the circle is not related to the listing of companies on the blacklist, but is the prerogative of the The Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation.

The Director of the general registration of companies in the statement summarized his / KD / The Registrar of Companies is one of the important departments in the Ministry of Commerce as well as the detailed it is important to the national economy as one of the poles and attractive to invest in Iraq .mbanh that without recording company companies can not be for investors to work in the country and in tenders and investment projects. She added that the department has been able after 2003 to register (60) thousand national companies as well as 2,000 foreign companies in various fields after it was prior to that date of the number of companies registered about 8,000 national companies only. Noting that there is plenty of interest by foreign companies to work in Iraq after 2012 as a result of security and stability and a private Turkish companies ranging number is (475) company. As well as that the department was able during this year registered more than 1375 national company and registration of 200 foreign companies. She explained that the company was able to ease the obstacles facing recording companies with a facilitate and simplify the process of registration of companies after we receive the company's mission. Noting that the move came in order to apply the law first by bringing the archives to be provided for the purpose of registration of the company as well as reducing corruption process .mnohh that there were many problems and obstacles placed in front of the owners of companies by asking them to bring gripping non-binding provided by the case of registration of the company. noting that the department may need to be gripping after the registration of the company, such as a lease company.

It showed that the company was able to use modern technology in the recording process where the use of an electronic system in the work of the department as well as the use of classification of contractors being a member of the Ministry of Planning where he was forming a specialized committee consisting 12-year director of various state departments where the use of a sophisticated system in the process of classification of contractors.

and denied the existence of fake companies registered in the Registrar of Companies. Adding that foreign companies come Protozoa fetches from the mother companies certified from the Iraqi embassy and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and adopt with bringing four gripping a certificate of registration of the parent company and the holding of Constituent Assembly and the budget of the company for the last two years and the book Authorization to the company's representative in Iraq these archives certified and authenticated by the Ministry of Trade Missions Trade in those countries and certified from the Iraqi embassy Iraqi Foreign Ministry.

She said in Iraq to have two kinds of foreign companies, a representative office and a branch of the company overseas and that the representative office has no authority to contract, but gives information for the parent company, such as the need for Iraq to invest or import materials and other materials. As foreign branches, it is their right to contract with the departments or ministries are bringing a copy of the contract to be named foreign branches and carries a wider powers of legal, administrative and financial terms .makdh that the department has conducted mainstreaming of all departments and ministries that any foreign company in the case of contracted is sending a copy of the contract For the purpose of the Registrar of Companies to register a branch of the booby foreign This ensures the ongoing or the ministry signed the contract and the company of foreign rights.

And the department drawers companies blacklisted confirmed that the inclusion of companies in the black list are from the Ministry of Planning tasks which in turn send a notice to us in order to document this notification within established companies in the black list in order not to give them the future any legal answer .makdh that there are a small number of established companies in the blacklist the fact that the company has the right to two years after the lifting of the company's name from the black list, which fall under the Ministry of Planning instructions.
But there are no national companies fake companies the fact that it is the right of any citizen carrying a gripping recording companies we record company in accordance with the guidelines and instructions in exchange for taking the registration of companies and of No. 21 Law fees for the year 1997 which took 20 000 have for registration of the company and the proportion of 2 per thousand for the capital of the company.

and the registration of security companies confirmed Director general registration of companies that the department responsible for registering security companies and private specialized mine companies and the protection of officials and guards are recorded after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Interior, where the security company to bring the trade name of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce with the Humane other archives are then submitted to the Ministry of Interior for the purpose of the statement of opinion of the Ministry Internal security company to register the names of shareholders and partners in the case of any limitation on the criminal one shareholder in the company is refusing to switch or registered person under the Penal limitation.