Deputy demanding an exchange controls five billion loan not to repeat the mistakes of the agricultural initiative

MP for the National Alliance demanded covenants Fadhli, the government, to develop legal controls before the release of industrial, agricultural and housing loans disbursed. She said Fadhli in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of which "must establish appropriate mechanisms and controls legal loan launched by the Central Bank worth five billion dinars in order to take advantage of it in industrial, agricultural and housing projects." She pointed out that "the government and authorities specialized position These controls before the launch of exchange in order not to give a chance for whales corruption, manipulation of money, do not forget the infamous agricultural initiative that has been spent money unlawfully loans were given to citizens of the true relationship loan in order to support the Iraqi economy and increase budgetary resources in the state.

"The Office Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced last Monday, lending mechanism in the industrial, agricultural, real estate and housing area, which will be awarded in accordance with the instructions issued by the Central Bank and other banks.

He said in a statement received by [where] a copy of it, that these loans are divided into "small projects and lend the limit higher [500] million dinars, medium-sized projects and lend money to reduce the top three billion dinars, agricultural, industrial and large projects and lend to in excess of three billion dinars, provided it does not exceed the upper limit Ashran billion dinars.

"The, the Government launched in 2008, a comprehensive initiative to advance agricultural reality in the country, and set a time limit duration of ten years to reach Iraq phase of self-sufficiency in strategic crops, and includes the initiative to open a special fund to give small business loans and low-interest to encourage poor families and farmers productive projects to help increase their income, and the granting of business loans is limited to create projects development in the agricultural sector, as well as to authorize the Ministry of Finance to allocate at least 25% of the Provincial Reconstruction projects that aim to promote the development of the life of farmers and peasant classes in villages and rural areas and Gerha.anthy funds