Jubouri calls for a comprehensive reconciliation Atsttna one to repel foreign intervention

Called on House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri on Wednesday, to conduct a comprehensive national reconciliation to Atsttna one "to repel foreign intervention."
Jubouri said in his speech to the International Conference for the rights of religious minorities and to protect them in Iraq, which was held this morning at the parliament building, that "the Iraqi people's faces patiently rare a bloody war in the very conditions of precision and complexity politically, both domestically and internationally and we are honored responsibility for his service and we have to rise after we look at the level of challenges and deal with the mind prudential.
"He added," We also have to make tolerance a goal and a means to reunite our people and our squad and rebuild a home in the spirit of one popular team not multiple targets and allegiances teams and call for a comprehensive dialogue is not an exception nor exclusion of the segment or class to be its base and basic unity of the people and the nation and each duty duty and every right of his rights and thereby restore Iraq recovered locally, regionally and repel foreign intervention.
"He Jubouri," We, Palm deep sorrow we recall today mourn the Iraqi Alfjaa of being subjected to our brothers in the homeland and the history and destiny and builders fides of Iraq and members of minorities components of disaster forced displacement of historic homes and mass killing Wendy his forehead of humanity and the captivity of not witnessed history being unmatched, wanted him Albagon obscurantists from behind their actions distort the face of tolerance, peace and love Islamic teaching of our faith and excessive hold historical ties thoroughbreds among the people and give a rare opportunity for the enemies of Neil our determination to build a democratic constitutional state ensure the citizen's freedom of expression and safeguard the money and honor.
"He said the President of the House of Representatives" There cheeses we have the first duty of an executive Agathe legal includes the establishment of protection for cities and towns that inhabit Christians and other minorities and ward off evils him from any party came under any title was and compensation commensurate with their sacrifice to the nation .
"He added," The duty Legislative It includes the immediate commencement of the development of legal regulations derived from the Constitution prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion or sect, or belief strongly held accountable for every group or belief discriminatory and provide an umbrella and tranquility on the basis of citizenship in addition to the legal regulations to ensure that all minorities the right to practice rituals freely and safely and have a reservation for the languages ​​and cultures of Alanderas Iraq and the continuing diversity of the homeland and the homeland of tolerance and love ".anthy