Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee Meets Australian Ambassador

He met with MP Hassan Chuird al-Hamdani, head of the Foreign Relations Committee, the Australian Ambassador Mr. Christopher Langman on Tuesday 8/9/2015 at the Commission's headquarters. At the beginning of the meeting he congratulated Deputy Ambassador Chuird Mbacherth acting on the occasion of his job as ambassador to Australia in Baghdad, stressing turn on Iraq's desire to strengthen relations between the two countries. He praised the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee on the positive attitudes of Australia in the face of Daash and stand beside Iraq to fight terrorism takfirist. For his part, the Ambassador said that Australia is equipping a number of military equipment to Iraqi forces at the request of the Iraqi government as well as the air processing and some humanitarian aid to the displaced. Also it addressed the meeting, which was attended by all of the decision of the Committee on Relations MP Iqbal Abdul Aljsan and Mr. MP Muthanna Amin rare importance of trade and economic exchanges between the two countries.