Rubaie: to prevent the migration of young people to create government jobs for them

Deputy for the National Alliance demanded the government to create jobs, to prevent the migration of young people out of Iraq. Said Rubaie told all of Iraq [where] "the House of Representatives and the government to initiate a series of mechanisms and packages decisions and laws that ease the burden on citizens, especially young people by creating jobs for them within the government and the private sector." He added, "This is a very important issue in order to encourage young people to stay in Iraq ", adding that" keep this important segment is not to prevent migration but through the creation of job opportunities for them, "and urged" the government to send the bills that would lift the suffering of the citizens.
"UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and was in Iraq warned the risk of increased illegal immigration, particularly of young people and families, because they affect the future of the country, demanding the government the need to develop plans to attract energies Youth.
As expressed religious authority for grave concern of this migration, calling on officials to put development plans defiance of them.
The Ministry of Displacement and Migration, warned of the repercussions of the continued migration of Iraqis, noting that the increase in the number of migrants will cause the displacement of the most important in the age group of 2 Alskan.anthy