Planning for : 221 granted patents, including 140 in the Iraqi civil and military jurisdiction

The Ministry of Planning announced the granting of 221 ​​patents, including 140 in Iraqi civilian and military jurisdictions. A spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi told all of Iraq [where] that "the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control awarded 221 patents in 2015, including 140 Iraqi patent and 81 patent foreign in all areas within the number of patent applications submitted, amounting to 304 requests." He added that this Applications "included 238 Iraqis and 66 foreigners applied for 2015 demand," noting that "the number of patents granted amounted to 4320 patents since 1970 and to date."
said Hindawi, "The number of industrial designs granted during the current year amounted to 12 industrial model included six Iraqi models and 6 foreign models of between 23 requests in advance to get the industrial design of which certificate 18 Iraqi model and 5 foreign models, "stressing that" the number of industrial models reached 858 model since 1970 and until now ".
He pointed out that" Industrial Property Department is the only agency to grant the patent Iraq, including the Kurdistan region, "noting that" the mechanism by which department works out currently is the latest mechanism exists in the world, which came on the basis of a training program involved a number of employees of the section of it, which was in the United States and another in Switzerland.
"said a spokesman for the Ministry of Planning , that "the mechanism that currently works by industrial property department is certified by the Commission on the simplification of procedures in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers," stressing that "the patent granting procedures simplified, which used to take four years to grant a patent has become a given in a year or less it.
"He explained that" these patents include all disciplines in agriculture, industry, transport and various aspects of life also included the military side there are inventions related to systems security.
"He pointed out that" our mission patent registration in order to be property rights reserved to the owner and through a quality control approached Ministries and state institutions so the existence of inventions and pinpointed the possibility of investing in the side of the jurisdiction of this patent and be the task of this ministry to facilitate the innocence and approaching the relevant authorities to take advantage of them, ".anthy