Mahmood: Tiger very difficult phase to address unclean hands

Shafaq News / The head of the Supreme Judicial Council Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud on Wednesday the current stage in the judiciary as "very difficult" in which they are involved to address the financial and administrative corruption in government departments and institutions. This came during chaired a meeting of graduates of the Judicial Institute session 37's (65) a judge, in the federal judiciary's headquarters in the presence of Vice President of the Federal Court of Cassation President of the Judicial Council of the Institute judge high Zidane and Director General of the Judicial Institute Riad al-Moussawi, according to a statement issued by the Information Center judicial authority. Mahmood and called the new judges to take into account the need for the federal judiciary serious plan to contribute in the fight against corruption through the application of the law to everyone, whatever the social and functional addresses.
The statement quoted Mahmood as saying: "We are going through a very difficult phase, a phase response to corruption in all its forms financial or administrative, as well as respond to the unclean hands that stretched to public money and looted what should be spent for the good of this country for the current generations and future generations."
He said Mahmood that the role of the judiciary lies in the received claims from authorities in charge of law to monitor corruption in the forefront of the Integrity Commission and the Office of Financial Supervision circuits inspectors noting that "the elimination of the recipients for their efforts Then comes the role of the judicial investigation and trial, and this is the nature of his mission since the creation of the judiciary.
It said Mahmoud Bdorhiih integrity requirements to complete the case before referral to the specialized courts to integrity and connecting all of the documents and the documents needed for the conduct of the case.
Then he stopped Mahmood for difficult stage through which the country and explained that the judiciary was able to put in all appellate district magistrate specializing consider integrity issues, as well as the formation of a specialized integrity in all grades in the resumption of Basra, Najaf, Muthanna areas of jurisdiction over integrity issues courts as is the case in Baghdad .
Al Mahmoud added that the Supreme Judicial Council took over the distribution of new judges to the two wings (31) of them as members claim to follow the general financial and administrative corruption cases and (35) The judge in the courts as needed.
Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud announced that the specialized courts into corruption cases in Baghdad have been resolved during the period from 02/01/2015 to 06/09/2015 73% referring to the court of inquiry has been resolved (2549) suit out (3417) suit as completed Court of Misdemeanors (375) suit out of (498) and settled Criminal Court (458) suit indicating that he did not still have only (51) suit only.
Terje and good efforts of the Integrity Commission exclusively competent authorities and other state collects money stolen and embezzled by the verdicts issued by the judiciary in cooperation with the executive power devices.