President of the Republic has a verbal message from Holland confirms its support for Iraq

Roudao - Arbil received President of the Republic, on Wednesday, a verbal message from his French counterpart Francois Hollande, in which he stressed his support for Iraq in the military, economic and environmental areas, according to a presidential statement. The statement said that President Fuad Masum, received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad today, the French Ambassador Marc Baretti, "which transferred to the sovereignty of a verbal message from President Francois Hollande during which he renewed his country's support for Iraq, particularly in the war against al-Daash terrorist, and a willingness to develop the participation of France in the advancement of the Iraqi economy in the field of industry, and environmental protection as well as to continue the humanitarian and military support." The statement quoted infallible his emphasis on "the importance of relations between Iraq and the French Republic, and the necessity of cementing for the peoples of the two countries interest," stressing that "for France job positions for their support for Iraq through its initiatives in support of his case." Masum said that "Iraq is looking forward to enhance and strengthen ties between the two countries", He pointed to "the importance of Iraq's participation in the activities of the 21st climate to be held in Paris later this year of the Conference." He pointed infallible to "national reconciliation and the indispensability of the success of this national project, and its importance to the consolidation of stability in the country, and file reforms," ​​stressing "the need to develop anti-corruption mechanisms "in Iraq. The statement quoted Ambassador Baretti as saying that" his country encourages orientations Iraqi government to conduct reforms. "He stressed" France's determination to strengthen and develop cooperation with Iraq frameworks, and its keenness to continue military and humanitarian support. "