Zubaidi confirms borrow "Iraqi" two billion dollars for the purchase of aircraft and urges the travel and tourism companies for their support

Revealed the Ministry of Transport, all for the airline on the US loan of one billion dollars to finance the purchase of modern aircraft enhance their ability to passenger transport, while confirmed it moves to expand the Baghdad International
Airport, which million passengers received during the first half of the current 2015, travel and tourism companies urged strengthen its cooperation with the company's inside and outside Iraq. This came during a meeting between Transport Minister, Baqir al-Zubaidi, the Association of Corporate Travel delegation and tourism in Iraq, headed by Vice-President Abdul-Amir Al-Kassab, and attend art dealer to the ministry, and a group of specialists in the Iraqi Airways, the areas of accounts and automated booking and control, pricing and international organizations, according to a statement Center Brief and press the Ministry of Transport, I followed the (long-Presse). Zubaidi said, "The Iraqi Airways experiencing a transitional phase towards tomorrow promising after a fleet of many modern aircraft, which is the latest in the world's income, after dormant for more than 25 years", he returned to "What is required at this stage of fruitful cooperation between travel companies, airlines and domestic and foreign offices."
The minister added that "the use of the new automated system in the field of ticketing will open new horizons in the work of the airline to improve its performance," noting that "the company borrowed two billion dollars from A US banks to finance the purchase of modern aircraft of the 777 type and Dreambox liner which will add a sophisticated and supportive of the potential for its work as well as work on the completion of the four halls of the Baghdad airport, which will increase the passenger accommodate, in numbers during the first half of the current 2015 to one million people.
"He urged al-Zubaidi , travel and tourism companies to "increase vigor and cooperation with Iraqi Airways," directed Director General of Police "Allow cut one stage for travelers to Turkey after the show electronic visa."
The statement, from the Vice-President of the Association of Travel and Tourism, "welcomed the efforts of the minister in support of the private sector and presented Shield Association to him in appreciation for that.
"The Minister of Transport, confirmed in (the thirtieth of August 2015), that the ministry will accept the loan from a US bank for the financing of Boeing aircraft deal if it was unconditional and" not a burden "on Iraq.
The US embassy in Iraq announced that, in the (second from August 2015), for the Iraqi Ministry of Transport on the loan "certain" of a US bank to finance the purchase of Boeing aircraft, saying that the ball is now in the ministry Stadium to complete the loan procedures.
The Ministry of Transport confirmed in, (the 15th of July 2015), that the negotiations for a loan to finance the Boeing deal going about "positive", while showed that Iraq has 30 aircraft and a number of "national vector", refused to impose conditions "cost Iraq a lot."