Sadr calls to revive the campaign launched against the "corrupt" in his movement

09 Sep 2015
Wed 22:27 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad called the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Wednesday, to revive the campaign has already been launched against the "corrupt" in his movement, stressing the need not to "despair" in order to end corruption in the mainstream. Sadr said in replying to a question by one of his followers: "We must not enter into the hearts of men Champions Almstbslin desperation to end corruption within the mainstream, and they have to move forward for reform, it is subject to satisfaction of Allah and His Messenger and his family and for their reference and their leader." He added Sadr that "everyone cooperate to revive the campaign and restore its prestige and glory first," adding that "anyone who does not cooperate and was a confidant is a traitor of the chest, and the chest." It is noteworthy that al-Sadr announced, in (June 11, 2015), the launch campaign wide under the name "Woe to Doaash corruption" in order to fight against "corruption" within his movement, as announced in the (July 23, 2015) for activating the campaign again.

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