Parliamentary economy: the currency of the 50 thousand dinars will be issued soon and the postponement of the launch of the 100 thousand category

2015/9/9 17:34

head of the economy and investment parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani revealed on Wednesday, near the currency for the 50 thousand dinars launch in the markets, declaring "the postponement of the launch of the 100 thousand class".

He said al-Bolani told all of Iraq [where] that "the launch of the currency's decision came in consultation with the central bank and the province of any category of cash issue is considered as a kind of security and innovation in the labor and monetary policy market of the country."

He added that "Iraq is facing some challenges, but his position is not as dangerous as some believe noting that "Iraq's a lot of capacity and fixed assets that can to cover any currency."

He said Bolani to "near the currency of 50 thousand dinars unlikely to launch at the same time, the currency of 100 thousand dinars to issue at this time."

It is said that the CBI is now dealing with a class [25] thousand Iraqi dinars at a time when the country is experiencing a financial crisis due to low oil prices, and some experts warn that the issue of Iraqi currency more than the limit will lead to the low level of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar and currencies Alokhry.anthy