Allawi accused al-Abadi reject and obstruct national reconciliation

Writings Wednesday, 09 .2015

Iraqi Vice President article Ayad Allawi said he refuses to work with al-Abadi on the issue of national reconciliation because he was not convinced or unwilling or locked in any national reconciliation and reiterated his rejection of the conferences of sectarian Shiite or Sunni, criticized the Doha last meeting of the Iraqi opposition.
He said Allawi, a leader of the national coalition, the absence of any plans to launch a reconciliation initiative in Iraq working on with House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, in coordination with the prime minister Haider al-Abadi .. He stressed saying in a press statement received by 'Elaph' Wednesday 'There are no such action. . and by the coordination with the prime minister rejected mainly because it is not convinced or willing and non-believer in any national reconciliation in Iraq. "
Allawi said that he is against the sectarian political approach was the first Almtsidin him 'where only death and destruction, corruption, and the result did not result in' .. and therefore rejects any form of Sunni sectarian conferences were or Shiite, but he saw that the processors and solutions is an Iraqi national first and foremost a There should be no any sectarian or ethnic character of political meetings where gaining more credibility and permanence if it has Bhetwavqat Iraq inside the Iraqi land even with the Arab presence or international support. He said he sees no justification for conferences as far as calling for the government to take fares to pave the way towards genuine reconciliation, but the Baghdad government seems incapable and unwilling to do so.
He criticized Allawi's recent meetings of Qatar Iraqi opposition .. stressing that he is not interested in them and that was 'appreciated the efforts of the State of Qatar and friendly and other countries in the adoption of scenarios to address the problems and crises in Iraq arising from the policies of marginalization and exclusion and trends sectarian political' he says.
Today the House of Representatives decided to form a fact-finding committee on relations with Iraq, Qatar, said Chairman of the Reconciliation and Accountability parliamentary Hisham al-Suhail that the committee, which includes members of the committees of reconciliation and External Relations and several other deputies assigned to investigate the special relations facts with Qatar, where she will meet the existing Qatari charge d'affaires in Baghdad The Iraqi charge d'affaires in Doha in order to reach the full facts about the circumstances of the Iraqi opposition conference in Doha and Mantj his strained relations after the Iraqi government said that the terror suspects have participated in it. Suhail said that the council did not specify a time limit for the task of the Commission, which will report after the completion of the presidency of the Council directly.
Qatari relations Iraqi crisis has escalated over the past few days because of Doha to host a conference of Iraqi opposition to take Baghdad's decision to call based its work in Qtrellchaor in a protest action against the country to act. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Gamal that 'the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to recall Iraqi charge d'affaires in Doha for the purpose of consultation' without further clarification but it is certain that the Iraqi move comes after embracing Doha last week of the Conference of the Iraqi opposition Baghdad said it included terror suspects and supporters to organize 'Daash '.
The State confirmed at the conference last week, the participation of personalities required the Iraqi judiciary, accusing the Qatari authorities blatant interference in Iraq's internal affairs, denouncing its embrace of the conference exhibitions.