The appearance of Saleh describes the release of loans first spark
By: wab1
Date: Wednesday, 09-09-15 12:20 am

Baghdad: Baghdad news
Describe the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, economic advisor to Prime Minister Haidar

Abadi, the release mechanisms of the loan industry, agriculture and housing the "initial spark" stating that "the State is heading towards another launch soft loans be improved financial position".
Saleh said the {forat news} that "the Iraqi regime had produced everything today is disabled and does not produce anything, noting that" the private sector during the past 10 years has tended toward unproductive industries, mostly commercial, it is necessary to return to the private sector to development activities and is an important issue, stressing that "it is on this basis that the CBI placed some 6 trillion dinars before the market for agricultural and industrial lending and housing."
"Today we need a major effort to pursue these funds to go to speculation and to dismiss all in place and lift.
Saleh promised step lending "spark the beginning not the end", and if the State's financial situation improves will provide the market with soft loans.

He noted the difficult financial and economic situation in the shadow war against daash and other challenges, stressing that the "Iraqi State struggling on many fronts, not lost them strategic planning for the development of agriculture, industry and other vital sectors."
The Prime Minister's Office announced Tuesday the launch of the loan mechanisms for industrial, agricultural and housing at the Centre of economic reforms approved by the Cabinet crisis earlier.