Parliamentary Integrity reveal Britain's decision to re-issuance of Iraq funds looted

[Baghdad - where] - It revealed the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, for the issuance of Britain's decision to return funds from Iraq wanted by the Iraqi judiciary who fled to it.

The committee member said Ardalan Noureddine, told all of Iraq [where], "The detection heads corruption process is still ongoing, there are a lot of files were forwarded to the Commission on Public Integrity, and the prosecution is under investigation at the present time," pointing to "recover large sums application to recover funds fugitives from justice."

He added that "others of these funds are still out of Iraq, we try as much as possible coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that we retrieves these funds through an agreement with the countries where these funds, especially in countries where the criminals to escape."

Noureddine confirmed that "there are responses to this process at the present time, for example, Britain's decision which was issued recently that it will all the money from criminals if Iraq's request for the money."

He explained that "the Integrity Committee in the most control procedures rather than investigative, we are monitoring institutions, including the Integrity Commission, we are in constant contact with this body has recently formed some joint committees with it shall re-property state process," noting that "these things are still in the process of Coordination between us and the Integrity Commission, and I think that positive results will be achieved soon."

The religious authority stressed last Friday, in the words of its representative in Karbala, Mr. Ahmad Safi, the need to "prosecute big corruption and accounting heads".

Said net that "the most important manifestations of corruption in the country, the proliferation of who Athero at the expense of the people, and they took the public money in ways that twisted and roads illegally, taking advantage of their positions or taking advantage of their knowledge of locations to achieve their goals," noting that "fundamental reform steps, start to prosecute and Accounting large heads of these corrupt and relive them looted funds, and this class in basic responsibility of the Integrity Commission and the judiciary, and many people are wondering Are they as much of this responsibility, and whether will undertake this task without further delay and procrastination ".anthy 2 s%2Farticle.php%3Fstoryid%3D15042&edit-text=