Iraq .. postpone discussion of 'National Guard' to Wednesday 9/8
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Thread: Iraq .. postpone discussion of 'National Guard' to Wednesday 9/8

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    Iraq .. postpone discussion of 'National Guard' to Wednesday 9/8

    Iraq .. postpone discussion of 'National Guard' to Wednesday

    Iraqi political forces have failed to reach a satisfactory version of the draft of the National Guard, which was to be discussed in the House of Representatives Tuesday Act.

    She said a member of the Iraqi forces MP to meet with union pink The meeting did not reach an agreement that satisfies the provinces, especially Salah Din and Ninawa:

    She Pink told the "Radio Sawa" she said E. pass the law will face difficulty, noting that the law must be in these provinces Service:

    And suggested a meeting pink invitation to the adoption of compulsory service law rather than the law of the National Guard, to achieve political balance:

    The Presidency of the Council of Representatives has decided to postpone Tuesday's session in order to give the political forces more time to reach a solution on the National Guard, during which it the Council's agenda at today's meeting law.

    The reporter said, "Radio Sawa" The session was postponed to Wednesday, amid objections from a number of political forces for failure to declare the reasons for the postponement.

    Head of the Turkmen Front MP Arshad Salhi explained that the failure to give a legal justification for the postponement of the meeting is unacceptable, and said that the Presidency bear responsibility.

    He is scheduled to witness the political arena more dialogues on Tuesday evening about the contentious issues relating to the law of the National Guard.

    More details in the correspondent of "Radio Sawa" report from Baghdad Ahmed Jawad:
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