Central: loans, which was launched to finance projects success depends on the product and the consumer protection laws

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - The Central Bank of Iraq, Tuesday, that the loan, which was launched to finance projects depends on a legal product and consumer protection, pointing out that he can not be a monopoly ministries for all economic activities remain.

The governor of the bank on the Keywords in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that "financing program launched by the central bank for the advancement of the industrial and agricultural sectors as well as stimulate small and medium enterprises program total amounts of $ 6 trillion dinars success depends on the product and the consumer customs and tariff protection laws, in addition to the limit dumping of a notable local market. "

He added Keywords, that "other things is the control over the land and sea border crossing points, in which all sorts of manipulation and fraud and forgery as not to miss only a large proportion of the financial receipts for the Treasury exercised even cause damage to the national economy through the introduction of poor and lacks validity of goods."

He explained Keywords, that "the Bank is fully aware that his program is to provide and facilitate funding for the initiatives of industrial and agricultural projects is a factor of the Renaissance factors sectors but there are other factors that are not as important as that which requires to make tireless efforts for the application of laws and regulations related efforts."

He continued that "the government must also activate the program in support of the private sector and improve the working environment and raise obstacles and red tape and corruption, which also involve the private sector in the formulation of plans and policies."

Keywords and stressed that he "can not remain a monopoly ministries for all economic activities," adding that "everyone agrees that the shift to the private sector is the way for the advancement of economic reality and the diversification of the productive base of the country and reduce the phenomenon of unemployment."

The Central Bank of Iraq, announced on Monday (September 7, 2015), for the launch of the largest start funding for lending programs in Iraq, noting that they belong to finance industrial and agricultural sectors as housing and support small and medium enterprises and revitalizing the Iraqi economy.