Hilali warns of passing the National Guard, as the current law

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - coalition of law Ibtisam Hilali warned, from the conversion of the National Guard Law to recruitment Alazama and that the seriousness of the paragraphs that give the provinces multiple armies in Iraq, where it will be for each Army province is subject to local governments is the same sons the province and the community.

Hilali was of the view that "the law of the National Guard will open the doors to divide Iraq into mini-states and rival this unless approved by a coalition of state law, but today we need the meat and build a national Iraqi army and one Altakndqat away from sectarianism."

Hilali and explained that "the National Guard, the bill will not see the light during this legislative term and that there are several problematic in the paragraphs that are inconsistent with the constitution and could cause zonal and sectarian wars within the same country."

He warned the National Alliance of approval of the National Guard law in its current form, which in turn would end the role of the sons of the popular crowd in the liberation of Iraq from usurped the hands of terrorist gangs Daash.

And refused Badr bloc in the Iraqi parliament on Monday a draft law of the National Guard, arguing that the law represents the beginning of a formula for internal fighting and divide the country.

He is the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on Tuesday on a draft law which is one of the main demands of the Sunni forces in the country.

And meet the leadership of the coalition on Monday evening at the home of House Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, to hold another meeting on Tuesday morning with the leaders of the National Alliance, to discuss the points of contention in the project of the National Guard Law.