The judiciary and the integrity discuss the fight against corruption and Mahmood: we've accomplished great rates decisively Integrity claims

Was chaired by Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud head of the Supreme Judicial Council, today an important meeting to discuss speeding up the resolution of the files of corruption, was attended by Chairman of the Integrity Commission Hassan al-Yassiri, it included a number of federal judicial authority figures judges specialized issues of integrity and economic crime and money laundering in a Baghdad court and a number of media.
A statement by the judicial authority received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that Mahmoud "welcomed at the beginning of the meeting the President of the Integrity Commission and his fellow judges, stressing" the need to continue addressing the files of corruption in cooperation with the regulatory authorities concerned.

"He spoke Mahmood for" near the Integrity Commission from the street and its ability to perform its proper grammar and according to the law in force and expertise held by its members.
"He also expressed his admiration for the" achievements of the Integrity Commission rates as in its last report, "noting that" a major role falls to investigators in order to accomplish their tasks.
"He revealed Mahmood for statistics concerning the work of the impartiality of the courts in Baghdad 02/01/2015 to 06/09/2015, saying that "the court of inquiry has settled a lawsuit in 2549 out of the 3417 lawsuit, while the misdemeanor court proceedings completed 375 out of 498, and resolved 458 criminal court proceedings , was left under her hand only 51 suit.

"He described Mahmoud those rates as" very large, and that the judiciary continuing to support this court judges and public prosecutors, the quality and quantity and so as to ensure the completion of all matters referred to them from lawsuits.
"He pointed out that" the judges of the courts competent investigation into the integrity suits distributors currently on appeal centers in all governorates, in addition to the courts nuances all in Baghdad and in Basra and Najaf in Wasit.

"The limp head of the Supreme Judicial Council on" the need to address the causes of corruption, in order to free Iraq from this scourge and scientifically thoughtful .
"For his part, Vice President of the Federal Appellate Court Judge ultra Zidane suggested that" being a legislative amendment to the Code of Integrity Commission conferred considered only in cases of a job quality and to refer simple cases to the ordinary justice.

"He also called Zidane to" strengthen the investigators in the body through admitted in the sessions enhance their energies in tracking down the files of corruption. "
On a related matter, he stressed the President of the Integrity Commission [agency] Hassan al-Yassiri on "the significant role of the judiciary and support for the Integrity Commission in tackling corruption and effectively."
Yasiri and made ​​a number of proposals that would support the Commission's work, and promised Mahmoud judge the implementation of the terms of the federal judiciary of these proposals.
He was surprised at the chief of the integrity of the "attack against the judiciary and directing arrows him unfair, while being blind eye to corrupt true."

In connection with the recovery of funds from corrupt and which they are dedicated exclusively Integrity Commission, Yasiri confirmed that it seeking to do so.
The country has seen in weeks of demonstrations e8/specially popular on Fridays to demand fighting corruption the center of the religious authority assurances that showed that of the basic steps for reform to begin to prosecute and to hold large heads of corruption.

The representative of the reference in Karbala, Mr. Ahmed net in sermon last Friday that "the basic steps of reform, begin to pursue and to hold large heads of these corrupt relive them money looted, and this in the basic class the responsibility of the Integrity Commission and the judiciary, and many people are wondering Are they as much of this responsibility, and whether will undertake this task without further delay and procrastination?!