Allawi's coalition infallible calls for a meeting "urgent" attended by movement of the people to put an end to "interference"

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Long-Presse / Baghdad Called national coalition, on Monday, the president Fuad Masum, to hold "urgent" meeting the main political forces in the presence of some popular movement leaders in order to put an end to "foreign intervention", and as he emphasized that the Iraqi people reject "the division of fabric" National, pointed out that some regional countries "insist" to make Iraq "an arena of conflict." A statement by the coalition took over the (long-Presse) a copy of it, that "the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, being the patron of the Constitution and the watchful to protect it, that calls for an urgent meeting of the representatives of the main political forces and some of the popular movement leaders to develop a common vision to build and strengthen national identity and put an end to interventions Foreign that you want to worsen the country. "

The statement added that "the coalition is watching with great concern, the insistence of some regional countries on sectarian and regional Altmahurat, that makes itself an incubator for communities which prevents Iraq into an arena for regional and international conflict have enabled terrorist groups and organized gangs to tamper with the sovereignty of the country and its stability, security and welfare of the people."

The statement stressed that "the Iraqi people who coexist peacefully for thousands of years Btoaivh and religions and ethnic groups and civilizations grew out of the land clearly rejects such interventions aimed at breaking up its texture and cracking and Haijh".