Badr: US National Guard Law Project and the volcano may explode any moment

Alsumaria News / Baghdad warned Badr bloc in Parliament, on Monday, the US ambassador to continue to intervene the internal affairs of Iraq and the political process, and in asking him to "refrain" from exerting pressure towards the enactment of the law, considered that the bill in its current form American project and the volcano could explode any moment. She bloc in a statement received, Sumerian News, a copy of it, that "Iraq is an independent country and has the rule, and warn the US ambassador to continue to intervene the internal affairs of Iraq and the political process," asking him to "refrain from exerting pressure towards the legislation of the National Guard, as the current law."

Bloc added that "the goal is the formation of forces to the provinces, which will be an introduction to the division," pointing out that "the unity of Iraq is a red line we will not allow the wanton threaten the future of the country." She bloc "Just as we fought terrorism Aldaasha We will fight for the unity of Iraq's land and people," expressing extreme astonishment "at the insistence of the US ambassadors - British and exercising pressure for legislation Guard law that were not to have suspicious intentions".

I considered bloc that "the project of the National Guard law in its current form is an American project par excellence threatens the unity of Iraq, which is a volcanoes may explode at any moment aimed at tearing the Iraqi people and patient, "indicating that" this law is a ring of conspiracy and prejudice the right of the sons of the popular crowd Champions rings who are the fruit of their struggle and sacrifices kept Iraq from terrorism Aldaasha but that the law is a betrayal of the right of martyrs, which was their blood the secret of victory over Daash. "and demanded the religious authority bloc to "intervene to stop the pass this divisive project in its current form targeting Iraq and the sons of the popular crowd, which was their presence thanks to a fatwa Jihad Ulkipaia", calling on all the forces of the National Alliance and national forces to "unite in order not to pass this law unless adjustments are made necessary that preserves the unity of Iraq and the rights and the sacrifices of the sons of the crowd folk heroes and fighters of tribal heroes. "The head of parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, on Sunday (September 62 015) that the House of Representatives supportive of each legislation relating to security and defense, which is an appointment on Tuesday to approve the National Guard Law. The President of the House of Representatives take it Saleem al-Jubouri, on Wednesday (September 22 015), that the National Guard is the "building block basis" to proceed with the process of liberalization of land from the control of the organization "Daash."

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