Transport Minister .. directs a letter of appreciation to two of Abbas Ibn Firnas Square staff for their honesty

Face Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi thanks and appreciation to the staff, Mr. Scheinin Abbas Abdul Abbas and Mr. Nasser Saad Hassan for their honesty and devotion to work through their re-bag belonging to Haji Hamid Kamel Hussein From the people of Balad Ruz contractor Hajj and Umrah in the judiciary, praising the role of the minister in the selection of employees and loyal trustees of duty .. It is noted that the above staff found a bag inside the passports of pilgrims and Almnafist and the amount of four thousand dollars and took her back to its rightful owner Kamel Hussein Haj Hamid I wish to be a role model for these employees and their colleagues who reflected the image of the Iraqi spotless and authentic

Brief and the press center of the Ministry of Transport
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