Stressing chosen jihad against corrupters Ö CoI commissioner Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri: The people of Ali and Hussein would never be a place of corrupters

CoI commissioner Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri assured that Commission of Integrity chose Jihad against corrupters. Al-Yassiri clarified that CoI will never allow those who took advantage of inattention time, climbed positions and abused the reputation of Iraq, to continue their sins. He vowed to destroy their thrones and to expel them in humiliation and debased. Dr. Al-Yassiri stressed in his speech which he delivered in Thursday 27/8/2015 at the Bar on the occasion of the Iraqi lawyer day that the people of Ali and Hussein would never be a place of corrupters. He clarified that CoI and its employees had opted irreversible path of fighting corruption and its determined to eradicate the root of corrupters and all those who neglected the dignity of citizen. Al-Yassiri called the patriots, especially the jurists to support CoI in its efforts to root out corrupts and those who abused public fund. He pointed out that fighting against corruption is the same fight against terrorism because corruption is the real reason behind terrorism in this country. Dr. Al-Yassiri asked the lawyers to support CoI in its national mission and he talked to them, saying that " your brothers at CoI trust in God and announced war against on corruption and look forward to have lawyer on our side in this internecine war".
He noted that today the country in dire need to his sons who stands in the forefront the lawyers who count on them in establishing the state of law that respect the freedom and dignity of citizen.

He clarified that the legalists are impregnable shield, supporter for the maltreated persons and a cornerstone in the establishing legal system which stop all violators on the public money and citizenís dignity and his ambition to honorable live.

He asserted that the Commission commenced to pursue all corruptors and all those how harm the citizenís dignity by convey it work to the ground. The first visitations were to a number of Service Ministries among which (Ministries of Electricity, Communications, Trade and Baghdad Municipality).

He confirmed that it established confidential field work teams in the governmental institutions which doubted on corruption.

He noticed that he will be in connection with the Bar Association and legalists to work as a one team for the citizenís interest and achieving public interest.

The President of Bar Association (Mohammed Al-Faisal) expressed the Iraqi attorneysí readiness, during the celebration held by the Bar under Slogan (Stand for Iraq), to support all supervisory bodies, among which CoI, in their fight against corruption, corrupts and public money thieves.

He clarified the effective steps which CoI followed during last months, make the corrupts recognize the danger they are facing and these procedures require from all Iraqis support the commission, especially legalists, because itís their war not CoIís war only.