CoI Organizes Educational Symposium, Illustrates the Ethics of Public Service

A symposium was organized by CoI Relations with NGOs Office with the co-operation with center of civil society for developing private sector. Participants who attended the symposium have emphasized on the significant role that must be played by the employees to set integrity concepts, spreading citizenship to build a conscious and honest society, reject corruption and misused public money. During the session which was under title (ethics and its role in enhancing employee performance) a lecture was delivered by CoI representative, confirming on the importance of the employee behavior in the general sector. In details, the head of civil society center Mr. (Nizar Ali Al-Waeli) illustrated in his lectures the way of building the state and good governance. He pointed out to the role of the employee for enhancing integrity culture, explaining the basic rules of employee work in the general sector to prevent entering insufficient persons to the state institutions. Participants concluded the importance of continuing such workshops and educational symposiums in the government institutions to solidify their legal bases, especially laws that affecting their government work as well as increasing educational awareness. They stressed the need to activate the role of the citizen in collaboration with the institutions to provide better services to citizens and to achieve development and prosperity for the country.