Barzani: The relationship between Baghdad and Erbil good .. and we will discuss outstanding issues soon

Arbil / Baghdadi News / ..., the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, said Monday that relations between the federal government and the provincial government are good and constant, pointing out that the soon to be discussed in Baghdad on outstanding issues between the two governments.

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani told a joint press conference with the Minister of Social Affairs Mohammed Haodiagn following the announcement of the project electronic system of social protection, and attended / Baghdadi News /, that "relations between Baghdad and Erbil good going for the better," pointing out that "we will visit to Baghdad in the future to discuss the outstanding issues."

He said Barzani, said that "the escalation of the phenomenon of emigration related to the situation of the region and not in Kurdistan only," persisting "as the migration rate of the Kurdistan region is the least compared with other regions, and the regional government is currently studying the reasons for the escalation of emigration."

He said: "As for the presidential crisis in the region, the ongoing meetings between the political parties to reach an agreement on the presidency of the region", Msttrda "We hope that the parties reach an agreement at next Sunday."

He continued, that "the situation in the Kurdistan region and the war against Daash and developments in the region caused a delay in reaching an agreement," asserting that "the Kurdistan Regional Government continues to make reforms, despite some political obstacles."

The Chairman of the provincial government that "all the political parties that participated in the eighth selection of the regional government agreed to carry out reforms in various fields," .anthy 13 / N