The focus of an active international exchange of price transparency

Communicate with the world carries in all his steps economic feasibility of the country, especially that Iraq moved away from the world during the past decades and got many developments in economic performance and the work that can be diagnosed through the follow-up to the global stock market, which has become accessible possible through its branch in Bgdad.alkhbayr size in the global stock market in Baghdad Osama Mahmoud said that the stock market a new axis to achieve real economic feasibility of Iraq through access to world prices for various goods that are displayed in the global markets, especially There needs necessary for Iraq belong to the ministries of commerce and industry such as grain and strategic requirements of the ration card which can be employed to serve the stock market activities.

He pointed out that Mahmoud global stock indexes for prices ministries sing about a lot of costs required by the process of bringing presentations over the deputations, and limit the corrupt deals that may take place during this direct contact with parties dealing in different countries.

He pointed out the possibility of the international exchange office in Baghdad set up specialized courses for their employees to deal with what displays in the world and change Note Alasarlhzh moment, and so can the ministries and institutions to check out the world's activities closely through access to reality.

Mahmoud said that the stock market work is widespread in the region for many decades has been the adoption of this experiment in Iraq after 2003 with the opening of

It's her first branch in Arbil words

From the port of Dubai Stock Exchange, but

Businessmen, professionals began to the opening of a branch in Baghdad associated at the headquarters of the international exchange in London the President, pointing out that the beginning was cautious for fear of money laundering operations and the risk of another but those fears dissipated after touching everyone the importance of this activity and how to deal with him.

And investment activity Mahmoud pointed to the possibility of investing in more than economic side, pointing out that the oil sector, for example, is witnessing an investment movement and this leads to a desire to speculate in this aspect, indicating that realized by the investor and speculator of the profits raise the degree of interest in it.

He said that raising awareness and educating the public in the activity of the global stock market action is adopted by many countries of the world to its importance in the economic life, pointing out that they are the Bank of information and can stock availability ministries across Sensors global prices specialized screens and economic indicators.

He pointed out that access to global prices and economic activity, directly and without intermediary to achieve great economic feasibility, as a substitute for going to the sources of prices in the world and the concomitant cost and transactions may not be a sound and show the suspicions of corruption, noting that this stock market service availability Large national economy.