Trade take new measures with agents Supply

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: revealed the Ministry of Commerce on Saturday, all taken new measures against agents Supply in the provinces, stressing that the ministry is continuing to reform and anti-corruption. He said ministry spokesman Mohammed al-Hamdani for "tomorrow Press," said the ministry, in order to follow-up and control of the owners and Kalat Supply embarked on a number of prudential and supervisory measures in cooperation with the ministry's regulatory circles. "He explained that" these committees mission is to follow up the work of agents of Supply and how to distribute those vocabulary, as well as directing them need to take care centers distribution (agents stores) in order to be suitable for foodstuffs as It was directed that there be one day to the distribution of each of the four vocabulary (rice, oil and flour) basket and one sugar. "He said al-Hamdani" The ministry is continuing reforms as well as the fight against corruption and the exclusion of spoilers, whatever their attitudes and their links and the development of hotlines for citizens to communicate and deal with the problem within hours or days at a maximum. "